Mum and bub class

Our State (Heart Foundation) and National (Parks & Leisure Australia) award-winning CHANGE Project provides residents of Toowoomba Region with a wide range of low-cost activities to encourage everyone to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. The program provides activities to suit a wide variety of fitness levels. Click on the blue headings to find activities of interest. 

Due to coronavirus, bookings are required for all CHANGE Project activities. Please adhere to all public health directives when attending activities.

Our latest directory 

Two editions of the Healthy & Active Directory are released each year - the spring/summer edition and the autumn/winter edition.  

Download the current edition here: The CHANGE Project - Healthy & Active Directory Autumn/Winter 2020


Jamie's Ministry of Food

Back by popular demand! The Good Foundation, in collaboration with Toowoomba Regional Council’s The CHANGE Project, will be returning to the Toowoomba Region to deliver Jamie Oliver’s Learn Your Fruit & Veg Online Program!

lyfv onlineThis is a hands on cooking and food education experience specifically for children aged 3-12 years. The program is designed to re-frame fresh food and teach children about fruit and vegetables; what they are, where they come from, and how they affect their bodies, while equipping them with valuable skills for life! Jamie Oliver’s Learn Your Fruit and Veg Program is designed to empower children to make healthier food choices and encourage them away from the processed foods which are compromising their ability to learn, grow and live a healthy life.

Over four consecutive days, children and their family members will cook along with a professional food trainer via live video chat. They will learn about the beauty of fresh, local, and seasonal foods and how to use these to create delicious dishes. Each session focuses on a hero fruit or vegetable and really brings that ingredient to life. The food trainer will discuss how that food is grown, how to spot a fresh option in the supermarket and cool facts about that fruit or vegetable- you might even learn about how tomatoes are grown in space! Participants will then learn to cook a non-heat Jamie Oliver recipe featuring this hero ingredient. It’s the perfect opportunity for families to spend some time together, get their hands messy and have fun in the kitchen.

To find out more about the program, watch the videos below.

This program will be delivered in the second week of the September school holidays, from Monday 28 September 2020 - Thursday 1 October 2020, 11-11.30am AEST-  just in time to discover some of the beautiful Spring fruits and vegetables that are common across our Region: Cabbage, Tomato, Celery and Pear!

The cost of the program is $20 for four 30-minute sessions. The CHANGE Project are also offering it to eligible groups for $5 for the four-day course.These groups include:

  • older adults
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders
  • unemployed or retired
  • those or work part time or casually
  • culturally and linguistically diverse populations
  • people with disabilities
  • single parents with young children (<4 yrs)

For the online program, you’ll need access to a device such as a laptop (recommended), tablet/iPad, or smartphone in order to view each live session. Whilst there is no dangerous kitchen equipment used in the classes, all children will need to be accompanied by an adult during the session. 

For more information, visit the Jamie's Ministry of Food website here. To register for the Toowoomba Region program, click this link.

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jmof online high resAfter huge success of the last Jamie's Ministry of Food Online program, The Good Foundation, in collaboration with The CHANGE Project, will be running a second five-week online program for Toowoomba Region residents in Spring! 

Over five sessions, participants will learn to make key recipes that cover every meal; from breakfast and sides to lunch and dinner. Taught by professional food trainers via a live interactive video chat, participants will learn knife skills and techniques to make it simpler and quicker to cook delicious meals on a budget. The program is open for absolutely anyone who wants to be involved. It is ideal for beginners and intermediate cooks, but even experienced cooks come away with new skills, techniques and knowledge. If you were one of the lucky people who attended the previous Jamie's Ministry of Food course in July, the team will be running through the same recipes but with even more delicious tips and tricks!

This course will run once a week over five weeks, kicking off from Tuesday 6 October from 6 - 7 pm AEST. If you cannot attend during this time, you can contact the team at The Good Foundation to arrange a makeup class. 

The cost of the program is $49.95 for five sessions. The CHANGE Project, are also offering the program to eligible groups for $5.00 pp for the five-week course.

These groups include: 

  • older adults
  • students
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders
  • unemployed or retired
  • those or work part time or casually
  • culturally and linguistically diverse populations
  • people with disabilities
  • single parents with young children (<4 yrs)

For the online program, you'll need access to a device such as a laptop (recommended), tablet/iPad, or smartphone in order to view each live session.
The team at The Good Foundation will also provide you with a list of ingredients and equipment before the class, if you wish to follow along with the cooking. This program is recommended for people ages 12+. If you are younger than this, check out Jamie Oliver's Learn your Fruit and Veg classes above! 

For more information, visit the Jamie's Ministry of Food website here. To register for the Toowoomba Region program, click this link

Group fitness

Strong30 Music Based Fitness

When: Thursday 9.15am
Where: Emmerson Park, Centenary Heights
Cost: $3.00 per session
Contact: Casey, phone 0448 171 577 or email

Healthier & Happier YOU Fitness

Where: Ernest Peak Park, Drayton
When: Monday 7am
Cost: $3
Contact: Auryn - phone 0404 939 558 or email

Restorative Circuit

A circuit-style session comprising low impact, cardio, strength/resistance exercises. Suitable for all ages and stages of fitness

Where: Health by Numb3rs, 3/16-18 Dexter St, Toowoomba 
When: Tuesday, 9.30am - 10.15am 
Cost: $5 
Contact: Annemarie - phone 0412 792 017 or email

Set 'n Reps

Aimed at building muscle strength and mass and preserving bone density

Where: Health by Numb3rs, 3/16-18 Dexter St, Toowoomba 
When: Friday, 9.30am - 10.15am 
Cost: $5 
Contact: Annemarie - phone 0412 792 017 or email

Pittsworth Bootcamp

When: Every second Thursday (1st & 3rd of every month) 9.15am
Where: Bridgman Oval-Pittsworth
Cost: $3 
Contact: Nola, phone 0428118836 or email

Beginners Boxing and Circuit Class

Where: Lake Annand Park (Under the Gazebo)
When: Tuesday 4.45-5.45pm

Where: Newtown Park
When: Wednesday 4.30-5:30pm
Cost: $3 or gold coin donation
Contact: Brooke, phone 0431288690 or email 
*Bookings essential. Text to secure your place before 2pm each Tuesday/Wednesday

Fierce Fitness Group Training

Where: Fierce Fitness Toowoomba, 175 Hursley Road
When: Monday, 5.30pm
Cost: $5
Contact: Coach Dan Dan- phone 0429 770 196 or email

Fit Class in Oakey

Where: 3 Cherry St, Oakey
When: Tuesday & Wednesday, 6.30pm
Cost: $5
Contact: Renee - phone 0408 452 094 or email 

Flex & Flow Bootcamps

Where: Centenary Park, Westbrook
When: Saturday 7am - 7.30am
Cost: $3
Contact: Paul and Coralee - phone 0458 600 001 or email

Special Needs Jungle Body Roar (adults and children)

Where: Trinity Lutheran Church Hall- Hume Street South Toowoomba
When: Tuesday 3.30pm
Cost: $5
Contact: Di- phone 0435 120 548 or email

Tennis Group Fitness - commencing soon

A group fitness class inspired by tennis training techniques.

When: Thursday- 4-5pm, Saturday 10am-12.15pm
Where: Wyreema Tennis Court

When: Tuesday 4pm-5pm, Friday 4pm-5pm, Saturday 12:30pm-3pm
Where: Centenary Park Tennis Court, Westbrook

Cost: $3 per/person
Contact: Stuart, phone 0408 491 896 or email


Active Seniors

Where: Brodribb Retirement Village, 13 Goggs St, Newtown
When: Tuesday, 11am - 11.45am
Cost: $5
Contact: Jan - phone 0400 270 334 or email

Active Seniors Yarraman- commencing 12/08/20

Where: Yarraman Memorial Hall, Browne St Yarraman
When: Wednesday 9am-10am
Cost: $3
Contact: Helen- phone 0434 243 085 or email


The Energise classes are tailored for all fitness levels.  For information on what the Energise classes are all about, watch the following video:


Where: Highfields Sport & Recreation Park (Clubhouse), Cabarlah Park Rd, Highfields
When: Tuesday & Thursday, 8am - 9am
Cost: $3 
Contact: Jan - phone 0400 270 334 or email

Where: Newtown Park, Holberton St, Newtown 
When: Friday, 8am - 9am
Cost: $3 
Contact: Jody - phone 0402 144 527 or email

Where: Laurel Bank Park, Hill St, Toowoomba
When: Monday & Wednesday, 8am - 9am
Cost: $3 
Contact: Jody - phone 0402 144 527 or email

Where: Highfields Sport and Recreation Park (Clubhouse), Cabarlah Park Rd, Highfields
When: Wednesday & Friday, 9.30am - 10.30am* 
Cost: $5 
Contact: Jan - phone 0400 270 334 or email 
*Ladies only

Where: Brownesholme Village, Highfields Rd, Highfields
When: Tuesday, 9.30am - 10.15am
Cost: $5 
Contact: Jan - phone 0400 270 334 or email 

Where: Crows Nest Community & RSL Centre,William St, Crows Nest
When: Monday, 11am - 12noon
Cost: $3 
Contact: Jan - phone 0400 270 334 or email 

Aqua Aerobics - currently not operating

Where: Oakey Aquatic Centre, 26 Campbell Street, Oakey
When: Thursday, 10.30am
Cost: $5
Contact: Oakey Aquatic Centre - phone 4691 1038 or email

Aqua Zumba - currently not operating

Where: Darren Lange Swimming Academy, 30 Erin St, Toowoomba
When: Tuesday, 1.30pm
Cost: $5
Contact: Tim - phone 0434 372 540 or email

BJMA Muay Thai

Where: St Paul's Lutheran Church Hall, cnr. Phillip & James Sts, Toowoomba

  • Monday, 5pm - 7pm
  • Thursday, 5pm - 7pm

Cost: First lesson is free, then $5 per future session, bookings required 
Contact: Ron - phone 0408 004 132 or email

Where: Westbrook Hall, 114 Main St, Westbrook

  • Wednesday, 6pm - 7.30pm

Cost: First lesson is free, then $5 per future session, bookings required 
Contact: Ron - phone 0408 004 132 or email

Muay Thai Kickboxing

Where: Oakey Cultural Centre, Campbell St, Oakey
When: Monday & Wednesday, 5.30pm - 6.15pm
Cost: Adult $5, child $4
Contact: Jody - phone 0439 913 254 or email 

Jungle Body (Burn/Konga) low impact

Where: Highfields Sports and Recreation Park (clubhouse) 

  • Monday, 6.30pm
  • Thursday, 9.15am

Cost: $3
Contact: Di - phone 0435 120 548 or email

Jungle Body Get Low (low impact)


  • Wednesday, 6.15pm- Highfields Sports and Recreation Park (clubhouse). $3
  • Friday, 7.30am- St. Thomas More's Parish Hall, $5

Contact: Di - phone 0435 120 548 or email

UJam Dance Class

When: Friday 9.30am
Where: Emmerson Park, Centenary Heights
Cost: $3.00 per session
Contact: Casey, phone 0448 171 577 or email


These sessions fuse cardio interval training with drumming for a challenging, heart-pumping workout.

Where: Hound Dog Fit, 111 Yandilla St, Pittsworth 
When: Tuesday, 5.30pm - 6pm 
Cost: $5 
Contact: Lindy - phone 07 4693 1199 or email

Energise (low impact)

Where: Hound Dog Fit, 111 Yandilla St, Pittsworth 
When: Tuesday, 2.00pm - 2.30pm 
Cost: $5 
Contact: Lindy - phone 07 4693 1199 or email

Zumba Gold

The design of this class introduces easy-to-follow Zumba choreography that focuses on balance, range of motion and coordination.  It's perfect for active older adults, beginners and people with injuries or disabilities who are looking for a modified Zumba class that recreates the original moves at a low-intensity.  Come ready to sweat and prepare to leave empowered and feeling strong.

Where: Highfields Sports and Recreation Park (Clubhouse), Highfields
When: Tuesday, 9.30am 
Cost: $3
Contact: Di - phone 0435 120 548 or email



Wellbeing activities

Meditation and Gentle Movement

Where: Peacehaven Park (main field), Kuhls Rd Highfields
When: Tuesday 8.30am-9am
Cost: $3 per session
Contact: Brittany- phone 0432 801 553 or email

Chair Yoga

Where: Highfields Sport & Recreation Park (Clubhouse), Cabarlah Park Rd, Highfields
When: Wednesday, 10.30am - 11.30am

Where: Crows Nest Community & RSL Centre,William St, Crows Nest
When: Thursday 10.30am - 11.30am

Cost: $5
Contact: Tanya - phone 0407 766 604 or email

Stretch and Recovery

Where: Queens Park (Godsall St), Toowoomba
When: Friday, 6.15am
Cost: $3
Contact: Georgie - phone 0417 645 924 or email

Tai Chi - commencing 27/10/20

Beginners can be seated or standing. Beneficial for those looking for a gentle introduction, or if recovering from illness/injury

Where: Toowoomba Library, Level 3 Community Rooms
When: Tuesday 9.30am- Disability All Access Class, Tuesday 9.30-10.30am Community Class
Cost: $5
Contact: Louise - phone 0419 786 502

Yoga in Yarraman - recommencing soon

Heartfulness meditation

Where: Currently online via Zoom. Classes will return to in person soon.

  • Beginner class: Wednesday, 5.45pm - 6.45pm

Cost: Free
Contact: Dr Uma - email or view


Where: 1E Bernoth Centre (below Toyworld), 663 Ruthven St, Toowoomba 
When: Wednesday, 7.15pm 
Cost: Free
Contact: Lesleigh - phone 07 4633 3701 or email

Sahaja yoga meditation

Where: Toowoomba City Library, Level 3, Seminar Room 1, Toowoomba

  • Introductory Meditation: Tuesday, 5.30pm - 7pm
  • Advanced Meditation: Saturday, 9.30am- 11am
  • Introductory Meditation: Saturday, 11am-12pm

Cost: Free
Contact: Saras - phone 1300 724 252 or view




GETT Fit Kids (6-12 years) - commencing soon

Where: Lake Annand Park, Long St, South Toowoomba
When: Thursday, 4.15pm - 5pm 
Cost: $3, bookings essential 
Contact: Tash - phone 0451 438 801 or email

Generation Pound® (Prep- Grade 6)

Generation POUND® is a youth-oriented program that fuses movement and music! By combining exercise and interactive activities, kids will learn new ways to explore movement, embrace creativity and ROCK OUT.  Come and have LOUD, inclusive fun with the only Generation POUND® instructor in Toowoomba.

*Bookings essential, minimum numbers required.

Where: Healthy by Numb3rs, 3/16-18 Dexter Street, Toowoomba
When: Monday 4.00-4.30pm
Cost: $5
Contact: Annemarie- phone 0412 792 017 or email

Jungle Body Konga Kids

Where: Highfields Sports and Recreation Park (clubhouse)  
When: Wednesday, 3.30pm - 4.15pm 
Cost: $3 (suitable for 6-16yrs)
Contact: Di - phone 0435 120 548 or email

Kids Mindfulness - currently not operating

Where: 2 Mann Street, Toowoomba
When: Tuesday, 6.15pm - 7pm
Cost $5 (suitable for ages 8-14 years)
Contact: Jodie - 0429 465 316 or email

YouthConnect activities

Get together with friends and join upcoming YouthConnect activities, such as skateboarding workshops, pool parties, movie nights and much more!  For more information please visit our YouthConnect page.  

Community Forest School - proposed commencement 24/09/20

Community Forest School is a play and stay session for parents and children from 3 – 6 years of age. Each Forest School session begins at the base camp with safety rules and mindfulness practices, followed by a variety of activities, selected each week from below:

  • Shelter building
  • Exploring the Dragon’s Den
  • Basic knots and lashings
  • Making a bow
  • Roleplay – teepee village
  • Tree climbing
  • Tree swing
  • Bird watching (bring your own binoculars)
  • Seasonal nature crafts

Where: Heller St Park, Rowbotham St, Toowoomba
When: Thursday (during school term), 11.30am - 12.30pm
Cost: $3
Contact: Antje - phone 0481 844 753 or visit


Social sport

Social Croquet

Where: West Toowoomba Croquet Club, Newtown Park, 147a Taylor St, Toowoomba
When: Tuesday, 9am*
Cost: $3
Contact: Joy (West Toowoomba Croquet Club) - phone 4633 0911 or visit

*Other times are also available, please contact for more information

Sunday Funday (Squash)- Recommencing 18/10/20

Where: Toowoomba Squash Inc, 242 James Street, Toowoomba
When: Sunday 2pm-4pm
Cost: $5
Contact: Toowoomba Squash Inc- phone 07 4632 3437 or visit


Running and walking

Joining a walking group is a fun, social and easy way to be active and best of all it's FREE! 


If you’re interested in joining or finding out more about the walking groups listed below, please contact the walk organiser. 

Crows Nest Flat Landers

Where: Post Office, 19 Curnow St, Crows Nest
When: Monday - Friday, 5.45am (60 min walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Evelyn - phone 0409 645 640
Click here to join the Crows Nest Flat Landers Group online

East Creek OPAP Walkers

Where: East Creek Community Centre, 43 Kitchener St, Toowoomba
When: Tuesday, 8.45am (60 min walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Sally-Ann - phone 07 4639 2755 or email 
Click here to join the East Creek OPAP Walkers Group online

Harlo Walkers

Where: Harlaxton Neighbourhood Centre, Harlaxton
When: Wednesday 10am, contact organiser for times as they vary (30 min walk) 
Cost: Free
Contact: Matt - phone 07 4639 2868 or email
Click here to join the Harlo Walkers Walking Group online

Highfields Hoofers

Where: Peacehaven Park (rotunda), Kuhls Rd, Highfields 
When: Monday & Thursday, 4pm (60 min walk) 
Cost: Free 
Contact: Jan - phone 0447 710 441 or email 
Click here to join the Highfields Hoofers online

Oakey Pavement Pounders

Where: Busiko's Pharmacy, Campbell St, Oakey
When: Thursday, 4.45pm (30 min walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Tamara - phone 07 4691 1062 or email 
Click here to join the Oakey Pavement Pounders Group online

Pittsworth Walkers

Where: Steele St, Pittsworth 
When: Thursday, 3.30pm (60 min walk)  
Cost: Free 
Contact: Merle - phone 0416 013 020
Click here to join the Pittsworth Walkers Walking Group online

Toowoomba Central Walkers

Where: Laurel Bank Park, Hill St, Toowoomba  
When: Tuesday & Thursday, 6.30am (30 min walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Barry - phone 0497 425 155 or email
Click here to join the Toowoomba Central Walkers Group online

Toowoomba Discount Drug Store Walkers

Where: 8 Mylne St, Toowoomba City
When: Wednesday, 8am
Cost: Free
Contact: Katrina - 4637 1888
Click here to join the Discount Drug Store Walkers Group online

Toowoomba Hearty Ramblers

Where: Corner Crotty and Hume Sts, Centenary Heights
When: Monday - Friday, 6am (30 min walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Judy - phone 07 4635 9059 
Click here to join the Toowoomba Hearty Ramblers Group online

Wilsonton Walkers

Where: Heights Community Centre, 16 Wine Dr, Wilsonton Heights
When: Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 6.30am (60 min walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Dorothy - phone 0499 773 454 or email
Click here to join the Wilsonton Walkers Walking Group online
(Wilsonton Walkers also participate in Parkrun on Saturdays.Transport available)

Grand Central Shopping Centre

Where: Customer Service Desk, Level 1 (near Mecca Maxima)
When: Wednesday, 7.30am (45 min walk)
Cost: Free
Contact: Warwick - phone 0408 875 928 or email 
Please note: The best parking option is Hill St, level 1 entrance
Click here to join the Grand Central Shopping Centre Walking Group online 

For more information on the Heart Foundation walking groups please watch the following video:

If there isn't a walking group in your area you can start your own group - for more information about starting a walking group contact us.  If you would like to walk on your own you can still join as a 'virtual walker' and track your progress online (and be rewarded for achieving walking milestones the same way as in a group).  Become a virtual walker here.

Like to walk solo?

The Heart Foundation walking app is a great way to help you track your steps, connect to health information, take part in events and campaigns, and stay motivated to take up and keep walking.

Read more about the Heart Foundation walking app.

Ready to go from the couch to 5km? Start pounding the pavement with a friendly and welcoming running activity - parkrun. Parkrun is perfect for people of all fitness abilities, from beginners to experienced runners as participants are able to walk or run the course. Each week, runs are coordinated by an enthusiastic and dedicated group of volunteers and everyone is welcome to stick around for a coffee and chat afterwards. To help measure your progress towards achieving your health and running goals, parkrun also provides the option for your runs to be timed each week.

Location, times and registration information is included below.

PARKRUN is currently not operating due to Coronavirus

Highfields parkrun

Where: Highfields Sport and Recreation Park, off Cronin Road, Highfields
When: Saturday, 7am - 8am 
Cost: Free 
Contact: Marty - phone 0409 566 497 or Janeen - phone 0427 063 521 or email 
Register: parkrun website

Oakey parkrun

Where: Arthur Shooter Park, Stanley St, Oakey
When: Saturday, 7am - 8am
Cost: Free
Contact: Helen - phone 0418 794 565 or email  
Register: parkrun website

Pittsworth parkrun

Where: Pittsworth Showground (canteen area), Pittsworth 
When: Saturday, 7am - 8am 
Cost: Free
Contact: Jaime - phone 0437 210 572 or email 
Register: parkrun website

South Toowoomba parkrun

Where: Middle Ridge Park, Stenner St, Toowoomba
When: Saturday, 7am - 8am
Cost: Free
Contact: Robbie - phone 0419 023 487 or email 
Register: parkrun website 

Toowoomba parkrun

Where: Queens Park (off Lindsay St), Toowoomba
When: Saturday, 7am - 8am
Cost: Free
Contact: Margaret - phone 0407 645 656 or email
Register: parkrun website


Get together with friends and family and join in the annual Peak2Park fundraiser run/walk held on the first Sunday in March each year!  Free and low-cost training sessions are available in the lead-up to this event.

For details visit the Peak2Park website.  

Running Technique Clinic

Qualified Biomechanist and Sports Podiatrist Renea is opening her running clinic to the wider Toowoomba Community! She is passionate about helping you to improve your running technique and ability by adjusting your body to be in the most biomechanically efficient position. 

When: Tuesday & Thursday 6:30-7:30am, every second Sunday (2nd and 4th of the month) 11am-12pm
Where: Glynnis Nunn-Cearns Oval, O'Quinn Street, Toowoomba
Cost: $5 for weekday classes, $3 for Sunday classes
Contact: Renea- 0402 576 461, or email

Fierce Trudge Club 

A walking/running group for all abilities and fitness levels. 

When: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6.30am
Where: Fierce Fitness Toowoomba, 175 Hursley Road
Cost: Free
Contact: Coach Dan Dan- phone 0429 770 196 or email


Want to ride to places but don't know how?  Get together with a volunteer bike buddy for one-on-one coaching.

To join or find out more contact Bicycle Queensland by emailing

Beginners group ride (25kms)

Where: Bikeline, 13 Railway St, Toowoomba
When: Wednesday, 5.30am - 6.30am
Cost: Free
Contact: Bikeline - phone 0407 674 034 or view

TRBUG social ride (minimum 25kms)

Where: Park next to Toowoomba Art Gallery, Ruthven St, Toowoomba 

  • Sunday, 6.30am (Summer), 7am (Autumn & Spring) & 7.30am (Winter)
  • Friday, 9.30am

Cost: Free
Contact: Toowoomba Region Bicycle Users Group Inc. - phone 0402 676 578 or email

Peter Watts Criterium Track

Practice your riding skills in an off-road environment on beginner to advanced loops (Harvey Rd, Glenvale).

Ride to work in the CBD?

The Toowoomba City Library Cycle Hub offers riders secure parking and amenities.  For membership details visit our Cycle Hub webpage.

Pedal QLD

Ride for Toowoomba this August by signing up for the 100km, 300km or 500km Pedal Queensland challenge. You can ride where you like, when you like and you have the whole month to complete. With $10,000 worth of prizes to be won and a pannier full of rewards just for riding, why not join in Queensland’s biggest ride this year?

For more information, visit the Pedal QLD webpage.


Food and healthy eating

Food as Medicine

Do you want to learn how to eat healthy, reach your goals and get the most out of the nutrients in your food? Join qualified nutritionist Lyn for her 8-week 'Food as Medicine' course! This course will answer all of your nutrition questions and provide you with practical tips on how to make food work for you.

Topics over the eight weeks include:

  • Week 1 (28/07/20): How the body digests food and exactly why it is important to eat your fruit and vegetables.
  • Week 2 (04/08/20): Understanding hydration and getting enough fluid into your day.
  • Week 3 (11/08/20): Immune health, using food to keep you healthy over the winter months (hands on workshop).
  • Week 4 (18/08/20): Inflammation, why and how to reduce inflammation using foods (hands on workshop).
  • Week 5 (25/08/20): Vegetables and fermented food (hands on workshop).
  • Week 6 (01/09/20): Cooking with pantry staples. How to get creative and use those ‘back of pantry’ items to create a delicious meal.
  • Week 7 (08/09/20): Meal planning on a budget and understanding portion size.
  • Week 8 (15/09/20): Supermarket tour - how to read labels and find the ‘hidden nasties’ in food.

When: Tuesday, 12.30-2.30pm

Where: Crows Nest Community Centre- William Street, Crows Nest
Cost: $5 per week
Contact: Text Lyn on 0411 054 366 or email

Healthy Living on a Budget

AH Diabetes is hosting this free program in Toowoomba which covers topics such as:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Keeping a vegetable garden
  • Goal setting and motivation
  • Supermarket shopping an budgeting

Course details to be confirmed. Please contact AH Diabetes for more information on 4646 2350 or email

Toowoomba Community Organic Gardens

Where: 22a Goggs St, Toowoomba
When: Wednesday, 9am - 11am
Cost: $10 per annum
Contact: Wendy - phone 0430 175 880, email, visit or check the Facebook page

Learn about organic gardening, permaculture, composting, worm farming, growing your own fruit and vegetables, plus much more. Meet at the tool shed and ask to speak to a committee representative.

The $10 annual fee includes a complimentary newsletter subscription, social event invitations, and the opportunity to hire a plot, or to help out in the common areas. No previous experience with gardening is required.

Pittsworth Landcare Community Garden

Where: St Andrews Church Grounds, Hume St, Pittsworth

  • September - Sundays, 3pm
  • October to March - Sundays, 4pm

Contact: Carol - phone 0427 237 767 or email 

Heights Community Centre Community Garden

Where: 16 Wine Dr, Wilsonton Heights
Contact: Phone 07 4634 7672, email or visit

Flourish PYO

Where: 100 Glenvale Rd, Toowoomba
When: Tuesday 9am - 11am during school term for community gardening 
Is is open during daylight hours, 7 days per week, for people to pick vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit for free
Contact: Danielle phone 0435 418 646, email or visit



Mad Food Science Program

The Mad Food Science Program is a fun and interactive program designed to address today’s food culture in children, and kick-start behavioural change around food choices. The 90 minute workshops are fun and interactive using science experiments to engage the children and relate back to key health messages throughout the program.

The program is a family event aimed at children aged 5 years and over. During the activity you will all discover:

  • Why the ‘food rainbow’ is so important
  • What to do about fussy eaters
  • Which foods help your child’s concentration, behaviour and academic performance
  • How to avoid lunchbox stress each morning
  • How to understand the tiny print on food labels

When: During school holidays. Dates to be confirmed.
Cost: $5
Contact: Victoria – phone 0457 184 513 or email


Getting outdoors

Friends of the Escarpment Parks offers an 8 week Eco Gym program which consists of bushland conservation activities designed to introduce new volunteers to techniques that help native plants and animals to thrive in their natural environment. A variety of activities are available to suit people of various ages, fitness levels, abilities and interests. Now you can keep active while doing your part to help the environment.

Where: Hartmann Bushland Reserve, 4 Alderley St, Rangeville
When: Wednesday, 9am - 11.30am
Cost: $10 booking per family, which includes a book about native plants
Contact: Greg - 0428 288 077 or

Outdoor gyms are a great way to get active while enjoying the great outdoors.  Check out an outdoor gym at a park near you:

Instructional workout videos

Look for the QR Code on the equipment at East Creek (Kitchener Street) and Black Gully parks and scan with your smartphone to watch an instructional workout video (also available below):  

Black Gully gym - aerobic walker


Black Gully gym - bench sit-ups


Black Gully gym - butterfly press



Black Gully gym - leg press


Black Gully gym - leg raises


Black Gully Park gym - modified push-ups


Black Gully Park gym - shoulder press



Black Gully Park gym - step-ups



Black Gully Park gym - stretch station and pull up bar



Black Gully Park gym - upright dips



East Creek Park (Kitchener St) gym - sit-ups


East Creek Park (Kitchener St) gym - cross trainer



East Creek Park (Kitchener St) gym - free runner



East Creek Park (Kitchener St) gym - chin-ups

The benefits of walking are well-documented. Walking provides an active way to enjoy the natural environment and can help improve cardiovascular fitness and reduce stress. 

Fortunately, our scenic region offers spectacular opportunities for a leisurely stroll, or a challenging hike, with nearby national parks and regional parks and gardens catering for all fitness levels.

Download the Walks and trails booklet and start exploring our region today! For more information, please visit our Walks and trails webpage.


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