The CHANGE Project (Healthy living program)

Winning the Parks and Leisure Australia 2015 Awards of Excellence for Inclusive and Connected Communities, the Toowoomba Regional Council’s CHANGE project provides the Toowoomba Region with a wide range of free and low-cost activities to encourage everyone to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

There's something for everyone, including 'Grow your own food' and healthy cooking workshops, group fitness classes, circuit training, parkrun and running groups, Martial arts & boxing, seniors classes & gentle fitness classes, walking groups, meditation, Yoga & Pilates, Mums & Bubs, and children's classes, and special interest classes including Zumba (dance) and Skirmish (laser tag).  All levels of fitness ability are catered for, including beginners and people with stable medical conditions right through to seasoned fitness enthusiasts.  Please browse through the schedule to find activities and classes of interest.


Schedule of classes & activities

To access the full list of activities in the CHANGE Project's healthy living program see The CHANGE Project activities section of this article.  


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The Toowoomba Regional Council’s award winning CHANGE project provides residents of the Toowoomba Region with a wide range of low-cost activities to encourage everyone to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. The program provides activities to suit a wide variety of fitness levels. Click on the blue headings below to find activities of interest.  ...
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Free healthy living courses, coaching, videos, apps, links and other help to assist people in making everyday healthy choices. Includes a range of healthy living videos and links, a food label reader, videos on growing your own food, exercising at home and learning how to ride a bike, information on a meditation smart phone app, plus a range of other helpful resources for being active, eating healthily and maintaining a healthy ...
The CHANGE project is looking for additional health and wellbeing providers to join our program (e.g. Fitness trainers, Nutritionists, Psychologists, etc).  ...
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