Healthy living (CHANGE project)

The CHANGE project encourages residents to achieve healthy and active lifestyles, and provides support by running fitness classes in some of our parks throughout the region, healthy cooking classes and creating educational videos.

tickVariety of fun and social, activities and classes (see our be active section)

tickSuitable for a range of fitness abilities 

tickSupport for activity providers   

tickInformation on healthy living (see our live well section) and nutrition (see our eat well section)

For more information about when and where activities are being please click on the be activeeat well and live well sections on this page or visit our events register.  

Couple riding in park
Part of our CHANGE project is our be active program, designed to provide fun and social fitness activities suitable for a range of fitness abilities across the region.  Programs include: Active parks program, Healthy and active program, Parkrun, Heartmoves program, Heart Foundation Walking groups and bike-ability cycling tips videos.  For locations, dates and times of individual classes, please click on the below links. Active Parks program Get together wit ...
Chef preparing food in kitchen
A number of eat well courses are available that are targeted towards healthy nutrition on a budget and growing your own fruit and vegetables. The two programs currently available are FOODcents and Seed to feed.  ...
Free healthy living courses, coaching and other help is available to assist people in making everyday healthy choices. ...
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