We strive for our region to be access-friendly and to represent the interests of people with access issues (including physical, social and cultural). We host a Regional Access and Disability Advisory Committee, to ensure the needs of the community are met. We encourage 'whole of community' ownership when it comes to ensuring the Toowoomba Regional Community initiatives are implemented. We have adapted an Access and equity plan 2016-2021 & 2.62 Access and Equity Policy to assist in making our services and facilities accessible for all.

In order to provide updates to the community we publish a bi-monthly magazine called 'What's up in disability'. To obtain a copy of this magazine, please contact the What's up in disability office at 4/33 Bell Street, Toowoomba City or call on 4632 6678.


Toowoomba CBD accessibility map

The map (click on the map to view as a larger image) shows the location of accessible car parks and toilets within the Toowoomba CBD. The map is unique, in that it shows the type of access that each toilet and car park has. Committee members have assessed each car park and toilet, and hopes that having which side access there is, will make it easier for members of the public to choose which car park or toilet suits their needs. The map also indicates three disability drop off zones in the CBD. These drop off zones all have a pram ramp, and are suitable for wheelchairs. These zones are for dropping off or picking up goods or people. Parking is not allowed in these zones.

Copies of the map can be found at all customer service centres, libraries and visitor information centres. Due to roadworks and construction within the Toowoomba CBD there may be some changes to car parks, including accessible car park spaces. The map was correct at time of printing.

Disability parking permit conditions

  • A current disability permit must be clearly displayed on vehicle dashboard in lower left-hand corner with permit date clearly visible.
  • Red permit and Australian disability parking permit holders are honoured equally. Both can park in the disabled bays to which a blue disabled sign applies.
  • The driver may park continuously on a length of road or in an area, to which a permissive parking sign applies: or
    (a) if the time limit on the sign is less than 30 minutes – for 30 minutes: or
    (b) if the time on the sign is 30 minutes or more – for a unlimited time
  • Holders of these permits may also park in any metered space or in an off-street car park free of charge.
  • Having a disabled permit does not allow the holder to park in a no standing/stopping area, taxi rank, loading zones, and bus stops.

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