Council immunisation clinics

Under certain circumstances free immunisations are offered at the Toowoomba immunisation clinic. Read below for the location, included free vaccinations, and vaccination schedule. We can also obtain your child's vaccination record.

Mother holding baby for needle
Our immunisation clinic is now closed. Toowoomba is fortunate to be served by first rate health care providers who are able to provide a complete and timely health care service in delivering immunisation. Please contact your general practitioner (GP) for further information on how you can access vaccinations under the National Immunisation Program Schedule.     ...
Hands opening filing cabinet
We only keep records of the vaccinations administered at our weekly clinics and during school programs, which are also reported to Queensland Health and/or Federal Government databases as required. If you require information on vaccines that were administered by someone other than us, such as another service provider in the city, intrastate, interstate or overseas, contact the original provider or Queensland Health on 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84). ...
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