Preparing for fire season

Bushfires are fuelled by vegetation, unpredictable in nature and can quickly change direction with wind conditions. Any areas that are close enough to be affected by burning material, embers and smoke can be threatened by bushfires, potentially causing major damage to property, injury and loss of life.

Active bushfires, alerts, fire danger ratings and information to help you prepare for fire season can all be found on the Get ready website.

While bushfires can be a risk at any time of year, the bushfire risk is higher for our region from the end of July to March.


Bushfire preparation

It is your responsibility to be familiar with official bushfire warning levels and have a bushfire survival plan in place. When there is a bushfire in your area, seek information about the event, make decisions and act. A bushfire survival plan template can be downloaded from the Get ready website.

Follow the steps in our 'Preparing for emergencies' article to make sure you are always prepared for an emergency situation. 


How to prepare your home for fire season


Ways to avoid starting a fire


Where to check for alerts during a disaster

During a disaster we will provide information on our specifically designed website:

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