If you would like to register as an entertainer with Council, please complete, sign and return a Registration of interest - Entertainment form.

We regularly run events throughout the region and often require entertainment for these events. Entertainment is used to compliment the atmosphere of our events and to provide visitors with a relaxing, entertaining and engaging experience. We encourage a variety of performers to register, including musicians, performers, comedic entertainment, bands (large & small), dance, roving children's entertainment, plus many others.

Performances may occur outdoors in our beautiful parks or along one of Toowoomba's CBD walkways. Performances could be required weekdays and weekends, depending on the event. On average, most performances run for a duration of three hours, although this is negotiated depending on event requirements.

Please complete and return the 'Registration of Interest - Entertainment' form below to us via your local Customer Service Centre. Even if you have previously registered, please re-register your interest.

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