International relationships

Benefits of international partnerships

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Our International Relations Strategy vision aims to promote opportunity for our region and our global partners; “A dynamic region whose communities embrace the benefits and opportunities enabled through participation in a diverse network of global partnership.” 

 Business development benefits

  • Build friendships, networks and business contacts
  • Generate business development opportunities
  • Increase economic growth across a host of trade, industry and business sectors
  • Promote tourism and inbound education
  • International Education and Training is Australia’s third largest export. The Toowoomba Region received $65 million in the 2015/16 period from this sector, which is 20.6% of the Queensland Regional market.
  • International students support our local tourist attractions and businesses
  • Provide investment and knowledge-sharing opportunities
  • Provide a gateway to new markets and trade alliances

Global perspective benefits

  • Promote diversity & help break down intercultural barriers
  • Encourage openness, tolerance & mutual understanding
  • Provide an increased international perspective & understanding of global issues
  • Encourage international peace & goodwill 

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