Cr Carol Taylor and Cr Melissa Taylor with staff from TUFF Group

Toowoomba Regional Council’s (TRC) support for local businesses has helped one supplier keep all its staff employed full-time during COVID-19.

TRC Infrastructure Committee Chair Carol Taylor said Council’s decision to purchase nine Iveco Trucks locally through Black Truck Sales, with the fit-out also through local manufacturer, TUFF Group, has demonstrated the importance of supporting regional businesses impacted by the pandemic.

“Like all areas right now, our businesses are struggling from this pandemic and the more support we can give them, the more benefits we will see throughout the entire Region,” Cr Taylor said.

“Buying locally not only helps businesses, but it helps the staff they employ, the families of these staff and all the flow-on effects of keeping money in our local economy.

“While this decision shows Council’s commitment to invest in the Region, buying locally through Iveco, who used TUFF Group for the fit-out was also the most viable and least cost option for Council.

“Instead of having to make multiple trips to the depots each day, the new trucks and trays will allow our staff to transport all the equipment they need safely and more efficiently.”

“It was the best decision for us and helped support a local business, which is more important than ever right now.”

TUFF Group General Manager Mark Casey said Council’s support for their business displayed a vote of confidence in local suppliers and manufacturers.

“It shows Council is serious about supporting the local community,” Mr Casey said.

“This was a significant job which helped maintain our work capacity. It’s effectively allowed us to keep six staff members on the books that we might have had to let go at the height of the COVID-19 crisis.”

TRC Infrastructure Committee Portfolio Leader Cr Melissa Taylor said the new trucks would increase the efficiency for Council’s staff.

“Having a family business in the Region, I know first hand how important it is that we invest our money locally at the moment,” Cr Taylor said.

“I was very pleased we were able to work with Iveco and the TUFF Group and deliver such a great set of vehicles to our staff.

Caption: Brian Boyce, Black Truck Sales, Timothy Dodd, TRC Principal Fleet Management, Cr Carol Taylor, Cr Melissa Taylor, Hope McNeil, TUFF Group, Mark Casey, TUFF Group and Anton Griffiths, TUFF Group.