Willows Change Healthy Habits Program photo

Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC), is partnering with CHANGE project provider Willows Health and Lifestyle Centre to launch a new online program on 18 May. The Healthy Habits-Keeping Connected program helps the community access health, physical and social support programs in the comfort of their home.

TRC Environment and Community Services Portfolio Leader Cr Tim McMahon said the goals of the Council’s award-winning CHANGE project is to get the community more active, eat well and live a happy life.

“Delivering the Healthy Habits-Keeping Connected new online program through the CHANGE project helps residents to keep moving and living well even when they are unable to access their usual health and fitness activities,” Cr McMahon said.

“The online Healthy Habits-Keeping Connected program provides a low-cost four-week program that begins with a challenge on Monday 1 June 2020.

“To get involved in the challenge registrations open from 18 May to 29 May through the CHANGE project website at www.tr.qld.gov.au/change.

“The challenge, that is supported online by Willows staff has a specific focus on helping participants to stay connected, be more active, eat healthily, drink more water, sleep better and manage stress.

“Participants involved in the Healthy Habits challenge earn points for each activity completed, with those gaining the required points going into a draw for healthy habit prizes.

“Members using Willow’s Digital desktop platform or APP can access fitness guides and workout videos, nutrition information and a library of resources and podcasts providing tips on physical, mental, and social wellbeing.

“Through the online platform, individuals can track their daily activity, nutrition, relaxation and sleep progress and can synchronise wearable health and fitness trackers to chart their daily progress.

“The program can assist people of all ages and even has a silver feature with over 2000 workouts for older adults.

“The online platform allows participants to engage with the Willows Community private Facebook page to gain social support, motivation and inspiration from fellow participants.

“The Social Media interface means users can engage with other members and remain supported directly by coaches through daily check-ins and realtime activities.

Troy Morgan, Director of Willows Health and Lifestyle Centre, said the new online program offers cutting edge support on a single, easy to use mobile or desktop platform.

“Normally, the cost of the Healthy Habits-Keeping Connected online program is $10.00 per week. Willows Health and Lifestyle Centre are offering it through Council’s CHANGE Project, to ** specific groups at the discounted price of $3.00 per week for the four-week program,” Mr Morgan said.

“Research shows four to six weeks is all it takes to build a habit. Through the Health Habits-Keeping Connected program participants can establish healthy routines that will help achieve longer-term health goals.

“The APP encourages healthier habits by sending reminders about eating times, together with notices on when to move, relax, and importantly connect with others.

“We have already seen significant improvements in the health behaviours of participants in our previous Healthy Habits programs, and we’re excited to partner with the CHANGE project to release this new online program to keep the momentum going.

“There is no better time to focus on building healthy behaviours, and the one-stop-shop platform helps participants to make Healthy Habits part of their daily routine.”

Cr McMahon said the CHANGE Project had seen excellent results from initiatives such as the Healthy Habits program over recent years.

“With many people scouting online for evidence-based health programs, the time is right to give our Region greater access to services needed to improve their health and wellbeing,” said Cr McMahon.

“During this unprecedented time of closures, it is essential that we remain active to maintain both physical and mental health.”

Limited spots are available in the Healthy Habits – Keeping Connected program. To reserve your place in the Healthy Habits-Keeping Connected program Contact Council 131 872 or visit www.tr.qld.gov.au/change.

** Specific groups include students, older adults, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders, unemployed, low-income earners, culturally and linguistically diverse populations, people with disabilities, and women with young children