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Council bins don’t get a public holiday

Wheelie Bins

Essential Waste Services will still be operating despite the official Christmas closure, and Council is warning families to keep a safe distance from vehicles during the holidays.

Toowoomba Regional Council Portfolio Leader for Water and Waste, Cr Bill Cahill said over the Christmas break, Council has three messages for the community – ‘Our bins don’t get a public holiday’, ‘When trucks are about, keep a lookout’ and ‘Choose the right bin to put it in’.

“Our bins don’t get a public holiday.”

“Council’s kerbside waste collection continues as normal over the Christmas break. Services will be earlier on Christmas Day and so put your bins out the night before to make sure you do not miss a collection.”

“Waste collection continues as normal on all public holidays – including on Christmas Day (trucks will commence from 5am on Christmas Day).

“Waste facilities will be open for all days except Christmas day when sites will be closed, Cr Cahill said.

“When trucks are about, keep a lookout!”

“Christmas isn't the same without a neighbourhood cricket match in the cul de sac!

“We know kids love to ride, skate and play in the street, but we're asking parents to please supervise their children and keep a lookout for waste trucks this holiday season.

“Especially in courts and dead ends, our waste trucks have to turn around and reverse, and the drivers can’t see all around them at the one time.

“Remember that our trucks are big, and kids are small, so please keep a safe distance from our vehicles!

“Choose the right bin to put it in.”

“If you are confused about where to put your rubbish, go to our website for handy recycling hints and information on which bin to put it in. Let’s recycle right.

“Remember – plastic bags and grass clippings don’t go in your yellow lidded bin. Also, remember to cut up your broom and mop handles before you put them in your general waste bin.

“If you are concerned about any of the service operations during the Christmas closure please call us on 131 872 or visit our website”.

For more information about waste services, go to

Last Updated: Friday, 20 December 2019 08:32
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