Local artist and curator uncover surprises in Toowoomba Region

Come along to the latest display at the Toowoomba Art Gallery. Michelle WIERSMA / The Piano (detail) 2018 / digital photograph / 30 x 30cm / Reproduced by kind permission

Local artist, photographer, and story teller Michelle Wiersma will soon unveil a new body of work in collaboration with curator Sandy Pottinger.

LOOK / IMAGINE / SEE is on display at Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery from 23 April – 19 May 2019.

Wiersma’s photographs grew from a series taken during an overseas excursion.

Hidden nooks and crannies away from obvious tourist destinations offered insights into locations and their culture.

Upon returning home Michelle decided to explore Toowoomba and its outlying regions through the eyes of a traveller.

The artist discovered secret places and little snippets of history which she has established as a visual diary to share with the community.

Pottinger’s selection will sew together a tapestry of images that tell a story, offer surprises, and create an unforgettable mnemonic experience.

Wiersma has added text to the photographs, recording random responses, thoughts, and feelings.

This third person narrative allows a small separation which invites viewers to add recollections and stories that are part of their own memories.

The exhibition’s free opening event and artist talk will take place on Sunday 28 April starting at 1.30pm. RSVP directly to the Gallery on (07) 4688 6652 or art@tr.qld.gov.au.

For more information, visit the Art Gallery website.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 April 2019 10:40
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