Trash to Treasure: Council starts construction of new and upgraded Waste Transfer Facilities

Toowoomba Region Waste staff with contractors

Toowoomba Regional Council has celebrated National Recycling Week by commencing construction on the next stage of upgrading its 23 Waste Management Facilities across the region that will promote greater waste diversion, reduce costs and be more environmentally friendly.

Works have started at Cooyar, Cecil Plains and Evergreen to build Council’s second stage of new and upgraded Waste Management Facilities that form Council’s 2017 Waste Management Strategy.

Toowoomba Regional Council’s Water and Waste Committee Chair, Cr Nancy Sommerfield, is proud of Council’s effort to deliver greater waste options to residents across the region.

“Today marks an important milestone with the turning of the first sod at the new Cooyar Waste Transfer Facility,” Cr Somerfield said.

“The construction of the new Cooyar, Cecil Plains and Evergreen Waste Transfer Facilities signals the successful start of Council’s Waste Management Strategy that identified some of the region’s landfills are near capacity and Council’s need to take proactive steps to deliver better services, save on costs and provide more environmentally friendly waste disposal options."

The new waste transfer facilities are designed on Council’s award-winning Greater Toowoomba Waste Management Facility on O’Mara Road that diverts over 70% of waste received from landfill.

Council has awarded the construction contract of these three facilities to local business, Bellwether Contractors. These projects will procure much of their materials, consumables, services, labour and equipment hire locally within the Toowoomba Region.

Each of the three new or upgraded facilities is due to open within the first six months of 2018 and will feature sealed pavements and a roofed facility for the disposal of residual waste.

“The upgraded Cecil Plains and Evergreen Waste Transfer Facilities will remain at their original locations whilst the new Cooyar Road Transfer Facility will be built 1 km west of the existing site at a more suitable location.

“Council understands the importance of having access to waste services during construction and will continue to keep the original facilities accessible to residents until the new facilities open in 2018,” Cr Sommerfield said.

The three original waste sites at Cooyar, Cecil Plains and Evergreen will be rehabilitated and monitored to meet environmental requirements.

“We have created an online portal, , that provides key information and details of our 23 Waste Transfer Facilities as well as tips and advice on how to segregate your load before driving to the waste transfer facilities,” Cr Somerfield concluded.

Toowoomba Regional Council’s Water and Waste portfolio leader Cr Bill Cahill says Council is delivering fiscally and environmentally responsible waste management options to enable residents to continue enjoying disposals at no cost.

“Unlike many other Councils around Australia, Toowoomba Region residents will still be able to make free domestic disposals at our Waste Management Facilities, provided it is less than 400kgs.

“In an effort to encourage waste diversion and promote more environmentally friendly disposal options, Council will be introducing a limit of 400kg per trip to the tip for mixed waste from June 2018.

“There will be no weight limits or costs to residents who visit Council’s Waste Management Facilities to dispose of loads that are fully recyclable and properly sorted. This includes items such as scrap metal, cardboard, glass and paper.

“For anyone disposing of waste in excess of the 400kg threshold per load, a fee will be payable from June 2018," Cr Cahill concluded.

Council will be encouraging residents and commercial users to separate their waste in accordance with the Council Waste Management Strategy in an effort to increase waste diversion and promote recovery and recycling.

Council will be rolling out a suite of content to educate the community on these improved waste services before changes come into effect from June 2018.

Toowoomba Regional Council is committed to delivering efficient waste services to residents. A core focus of the 2017 Waste Management Strategy adopted by Council is to optimise service, increase diversion and balance cost by promoting recovery, recycling and the reuse of waste materials for future generations to enjoy.

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