Mayor seizes opportunity for the Toowoomba Region in South East Asia

Mayor Paul Antonio leaves for South Korea and China early tomorrow on an economic and sister city mission.

A major component of the trip is a Council of Mayors South East Queensland delegation to Daejeon in South Korea for the Asia Pacific Cities Summit and Mayor’s Forum, where more than 1500 leaders will gather to share ideas, make connections and showcase what their region can offer their Asian Pacific neighbours.

The summit is an initiative of Brisbane City Council and Mayor Graham Quirk leads this delegation.

“The Asia Pacific Cities summit is held every two years with the venue alternating between the City of Brisbane and cities awarded to host the event in the Asia Pacific Region,” Mayor Antonio said. “This forum is recognized as the region’s leading business and government forum for managing cities and urban development, and I’m once again looking forward to finding out what we can bring back to improve the way we do business in our region.”

“The Toowoomba Region features strongly in a trade stand hosted by The Council of Mayors South East Queensland, where our agricultural and economic strengths will be highlighted.”

“In South Korea, we will also visit our sister city, Paju, where we plan to attend a number of meetings with their leadership team, and local businesses, as well as inspect their leading urban information centre to garner knowledge about smarter ways to manage Council utilities.”

The delegation will also meet with the Chamber of Commerce to discuss economic links.

The relationship with Paju includes a staff exchange arrangement and Council’s Acting General Manager – Water and Waste, Troy Uren will join the trip and stay on to understand how Paju, which has a population almost three times the size of the Toowoomba Region, manages its water and waste systems.

“Whilst in Asia, we have also made it a priority to visit our newest exchange partner, the Yuecheng District, in Shaoxing City, China,” Mayor Antonio said.   Recognising the remarkable opportunities for trade, particularly with China as their demand for clean, safe and fresh food grows, Council last year signed an MOU with Yuecheng, which is home to around 610,000 people.

“We see this agreement with the smaller district of Yuencheng, as a starting point for developing a broader relationship with Shaoxing, which is home around 5 million people, and like all relationships, this one needs work to get it off the ground,” Mayor Antonio said.

“Whilst travelling to these parts of the world, brings its challenges, I believe we have a responsibility to our community to continue to build relationships that benefit the regional economy and opens doors to explore further commercial opportunities for the region.”

The trip comes on the back of a visit by ASEAN ambassadors to Toowoomba last month. Mayor Antonio returns to Toowoomba just in time for the Carnival of Flowers.

Itinerary Summary

Tuesday 5 September

6.05am   Fly Toowoomba to Sydney

10.00am Fly Sydney to Hong Kong

5.20pm   Arrive Hong Kong

Stay overnight

Wednesday 6 September

7.50am   Fly Hong Kong to Hangzhou

10.05am Arrive Hangzhou

Meeting and lunch with Deputy Mayor of Shaoxing & Officials

To discuss the development of relationship with Yuecheng and business opportunities

Tour Dongpu Rice Wine Town

View the redevelopment of Dongpu, keeping it a characteristic town with a focus on historical and classical industry, with unique cultural connotation and tourism functions.

Tour Sleemon Company

Explore business opportunity – visit diversified international furniture and bedding manufacturing corporation

Meeting and dinner with Yuecheng District Government Officials

To discuss business and trade partnership opportunities for the development of a formal agreement with Yuecheng

Thursday 7 September

Visit Shaoxing Xinsheng Synthetic Fibre Company

Explore business opportunity

3.00pm   Fly Hangzhou to Seoul

6.10pm  Arrive Seoul

Friday 8 September

Inspect Paju Urban Info Centre

View the Safe City Technology being used in Paju

Meet with Acting Mayor

To acknowledge the 15 year anniversary of the Toowoomba Paju relationship and discuss future economic exchanges 

Visit Kyungin Ref & Heat Industrial Co and Clean & Cleaner Companies

Paju Chamber of Commerce will introduce two of their business

Welcome dinner with Acting Mayor

Saturday 9 September

Inspect Panmunjeom

Lunch with Paju Chamber of Commerce

To discuss business and trade partnership opportunities

Visit BeokchJi Arboretum

Visit Paju City’s Botanical Gardens

Farewell dinner with Chairperson

To acknowledge the 15 year anniversary of the Toowoomba Paju relationship and discuss future economic exchanges 

Sunday 10 September

Transfer to Daejeon

Attend APCS Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception

Monday 11 – Tuesday 12 September

Attend APCS

Summit will cover topics on innovating cities through science and technology, achieving sustainable city solutions and revitalising cities through vibrant business activities.

Wednesday 13 September

Attend APCS

Transfer from Daejeon to Incheon Airport by train

8.05pm  Fly Incheon to Brisbane

Thursday 14 September

6.50am  Arrive Brisbane Airport

Transfer to Toowoomba


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