Millmerran ticks into gear with new community assets

Millmerran Town Hall Clock being installed

Millmerran is buzzing after a suite of Council activity has helped transform public spaces and restore the defunct town ticker.

Toowoomba Regional Council Planning and Development portfolio leader, Councillor Anne Glasheen, said she was pleased to see so much action taking place.

“Millmerran is a hive of activity and it’s great to see so many local volunteers coming out in full support to help revamp public spaces as part of the 7 Day Project.

“To see the community build a giant camp oven as a nod to their Australian Camp Oven Festival in just seven days, with a limited budget, has given the people of Millmerran a great sense of community pride.

“To hear of the hard work everyone has done to help build these community assets and make these public spaces more appealing showcases the spirit of our region,” Cr Glasheen said.

It’s not just the 7 Day Makeover turning heads in town. Time no longer stands still in Millmerran with the 56-year-old defunct town clock being replaced by a new time piece.

“We consulted with the Millmerran community to ensure we could design a suitable town clock the town would love,” Cr Glasheen said.

“Millmerran wanted to maintain the original charm of the analogue clock, so we worked with a local clockmaker to create a lasting timepiece that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

“The new clock cost features a very modern internal system that includes a GPS timer, so it should always have the correct time,” Cr Glasheen said.

This initiative was delivered and funded by Toowoomba Regional Council’s Property Services team who maintain Council’s six clocks throughout the region.

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